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Our company was founded in 1965 with the agency Industria Tubi Acciaio Speciali ( ITAS ) of Turin.
After 4 years of good cooperation, in 1969 it takes place the first significant breakthrough of our business going into the industrial market of semi-finished non-ferrous metals taking the agency Trafilerie e Laminatoi di Metalli SpA  (TLM) in Milan.TLM has four production sites located in Italy at:Villa Carcina (BS) production of rolled copper, brass, bronze and wires, copper and brass.

Milan production of brass bars and profiles.

Casarza Ligure (GE) production of copper tubes.

Pieve Emanuele (MI) production of rolled and extruded aluminum and its alloys.

TLM is controlled for the 60% stake from the French multinational Pechiney European leader in the aluminum industry.

In 1987, Pechiney is released from TLM with the sale of the copper sector (Tréfimétaux) the Società Metallurgica Italiana (SMI) and the aluminum sector all’Alcan SpA (Multinational Canadian)

From this we lose the mandate TLM but assume two new, namely Alcan SpA for the sale of all semi-finished aluminum alloys of the plant in Pieve Emanuele (MI) and Tréfimétaux Italia Spa for semi-finished copper and alloys.

In 1990-91 SMI detects Kabel Metal (Germany) biggest German manufacturer of semi-finished copper and copper leghe.Si form, so, the worldwide leader of semi-finished non-ferrous name KME. Thanks to the good work we have carried on with Tréfimétaux Italia SpA we are given the mandate by the agency of the new multinational company KME.

Another significant change is the acquisition by Hindalco Industries Limited company Aditya Birla Group (India), the multinational Alcan SpA which therefore generates, in Italy, two new companies:

Novelis Italy SpA (controlled by Hidalco Industries Limited)

Aluminium Pieve Srl, which is basically the same plant Alcan SpA in Pieve Emanuele (MI).

The leaders of the new society they give, in January 2003, the agency Aluminium Pieve Srl.

Industrial and financial vicissitudes especially do not allow the new company to operate well with the result of the close of business resulting in loss of agency mandates.

In April 2006, we become agents of Sepal SpA Maclodio (BS) for the sale of bars and profiles of aluminum and alloys.

In May 2011 Sirio Analitix s.r.l. Lodi (MI) gives us the agency for the sale of scientific instruments spectrometry metals.

Recent collaborations include:

In June 2014 the agency of the company Picchi Srl in Lumezzane (BS) production transfer machines and machining centers.

June 2015, the agency of IMG Srl in Capriano del Colle (BS) manufacturer of presses for plastic molding.

Currently the Pelizzari Metalli Snc has as director Alessandro Pelizzari who has started working since 1998.


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